Considering a robotic case erector? With Brenton’s industry leading robotic experience, they have an inside look into case erecting with robots. Lets walk through the advantages and disadvantages of robotics in case erecting.


The primary advantage of robotic case erecting is the flexibility that it offers. With one solution you can handle multiple different case sizes. This a substantial advantage since hard automation would require changeover between sizes. We have worked with customers on as many as 16 different case styles for one robotic solution.

In a recent application, Brenton designed a solution that utilized one robot to pull from three different magazines. This single robot queues three different case sizes supporting multiple filler lines. A signal is sent indicating which case is required. The robot then picks the case off the magazine utilizing vacuums. The end of arm tool (EOAT) is designed to open the case and square it into position. The robot then guides the case over a set of rails to close the minor flaps. From there the robot transitions the case to have the major flaps closed and taped. Once the case is fully erected it is placed on the conveyor for filling.

The robotic solution does not need to end there. In applications with challenging pack patterns or product, the robot can continue to hold onto the case and assist with loading. Once the case is erected, the robot will continue to hold the case, at an angle (for example) to load. This solution can be used with stackers and pushers or another robot.

Ergonomic equipment is essential on packaging lines. For customers with large cases, a robotic case erector can provide the solution. Large case blanks tend to be difficult to load into the magazine and can require a fork truck to load. Additionally, to manually erect a case of this size is cumbersome. The robotic case erector can take care of both issues, loading the magazines and erecting.

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The single most recognized downfall of robotic case erecting is speed. If you require flexibility, you must sacrifice speed.

If you are bound by speed – volume and precision, Wexxar, another ProMach product brand, has the solution for your application.  They set the industry standard for fully automatic case erectors. Visit their website today to learn more!